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Laser Engraving Services

Hand Precision Machining’s laser engraving services utilize the Epilog Laser Engraver FiberMark Fusion that:

Plaque engraving services for Los Alamos, Santa Fe, Albuquerque and beyond

  • Engraves nearly any type of metal as well as polycarbonate, nylon and some types of glass
  • Saves our customers money by allowing us to do in house engraving to mark product numbers
  • Allows us to create custom plaques, trophies, pins, medals, name plates, etc. for engraving
  • Ideal for a engraving personalized baby gift, groomsmen or bridesmaids memento, or appreciation award

HPM has recently added a second laser engraver, the Epilog Laser Helix, which allows us to now engrave plastic, glass, and wood in addition to nearly every kind of metal.